Virtual Land ( Coming Soon )

In order to shape the metaverse experience, Era of Gods will issue a 100*100 unit square land in the game. Some areas will be available for purchase by players, while other areas will be officially reserved to maintain the scarcity of land and used as follow-up development. Players purchasing land(s) will become the land owner, and be able to invest further to build castles and decoration pieces on the land. These land decoration pieces all contain buff effects (extra powers given to heroes during arena PVP matches), and in return granting extra game advantages to the land owners. Meanwhile, other in-game players can also opt to sponsor the land owner with GFGs in order to obtain and share the same buff effects for themselves.
Our land feature will receive online updates with more functions, expect the first update granting land owner to construct facilities on its land and allowing other players to join in as "workers". Workers can also opt to submit resources obtained from PVE into the factory/land in return to earn possible GFGs, INGEMs and/or NFTs.
A small service fee will be collected by project owner towards all GFGs submitted to the land feature.
Additional updates will continue to expand on the land gameplay feature with more facility types, allowing owners to be able to customize its land according to the owner's play style.