Team Members

Haplo - Game Design Director


《Kung Fu All-Star》Oversea Producer

《AURORA 7》Producer

Nesta -CTO

《Kung Fu All-Star》Programmer Lead

《AURORA 7》Programmer Lead

《Era of Gods》Programmer Lead

Nicole - Project Director

《Kung Fu All-Star》Senior Project Manager

《AURORA 7》Project Director

《Era of Gods》Project Director

Jimmy - Lead Game Desginer

《Heroes of Dungeon》 Game Design

《AURORA 7》 Game Design

《Era of Gods》Producer

Liam-Lead Game Desginer


《Invincible Knight》Senior Designer

《Soul Captor》Lead Designer

《Bright Shadow Online》Lead Designer

Tufox-2D Art Team Lead

《DIVINA Q》Art Lead

《GALAXY SQUAD》2D Character / Scene

《Bound Strike》Art Lead

Matt-Senior Game Programmer

《Unlimited Three Kingdoms》Game Programmer

《Era of Gods》Senior Programmer


《Ao Jian 2》Product Manager

《D9》Product Manager

《TS》Product Manager


STARBIT Consultant

Founder of APIS

Spiderweb Consultant

Crypto Analyst of Fammex

Galaxy Kats Community Manager


STAR BIT Product Manager

Founder of BitCheers

F.C.-General Manager

Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Executive Assistant to COO, 2006)

iSland Technology Co., Ltd. (Co-founder, 2012)

Flying Castle Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Co-founder, 2016)

InterServ International Co., Ltd. (Director of Operation and Business Development, 2020)

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