Token economy

In the Era of Gods ecosystem, there will be two tokens operating at the same time. Infinity Gem (INGEM) has a higher value and how players get INGEM is purchased on exchanges or rewarded by arena rankings; GF Gold (GFG) is a secondary token that can be obtained in game process, daily missions, and arena wins. GFG is used for character production , skills polishing, etc. In order to stabilize the supply of INGEM and GFG tokens, Era of Gods designed a complete token economic model.
Players holding INGEM can lock INGEM in the game community through staking, thereby gaining participation and governance rights in the direction of the game, and participating in the development and design of future games. Every quarter, players can receive additional INGEM rewards based on the staking INGEM. While participating in community governance, they can also obtain token rewards as substantial income.