2021 Q3 Project Start

From 2021, the whole game industry discussed the block chain trend with high enthusiasm. The game market and the developers all started to understand the game idea of block chain billing and the game-play mode. At the main time, the project of “Era of Gods” was also established. The concept of NFT, the value of block chain billing and the possibility of the combination with the game product, was just blooming up at that time.

2021 Q4 Team Build

The whole team of “Era of Gods” was established during 2021 Q4, including the optimum members of game designers, game programmers, and the artists. At this period, the develop team started to survey all kinds of Game-Fi products, and studied the economics of block chain. Also, team member tried to create the block chain wallets of all main stream block chains. Thus, developers studied the user behavior and habit, including the possible game play behavior users might like.

Finally, the game producer created the game features of this product. The core battle game play of this product is turn-base mode. And the first platform of this product was aimed to Web browser of the PC platform.

2022 Q1 Game Internal Test

The demo version of this product was completed at this time, including the basis game play, level design, and the skill system mechanism. The players could choose the best characters to arrange the most appropriate team. Also, the players shall think well which team they’d like to use. Since there’s limitation of stamina, the most efficient way of the team composition would decide how much the player could earn which is also the funniest and hard of the game play.

2022 is the brand new beginning. The release schedule of the development game build version was settled down.

2022 Q2 Official Site / White Paper Release

The develop team and the market team started the discussion of the game release activities, including the design pattern of the official website, the format of the white paper, and the the first impression of the game to the players. Besides, how to warm up the whole atmosphere of the social media, is the important work item of this time.

2023 TBA Game Release / PVE & PVP Mode / Land Information & Land Pre-sale / Marketplace Go Live / Staking Begins / Hero Fusion Feature Go Live

The schedule of game release and pre-sale of NFT blind boxes (each containing ONE game character) are to be announced at a later date. A minimum of THREE characters are required for the game's entry, and pre-sale round of blind boxes will provide a possibility of obtaining high quality champion(s) to kick start your game, giving you early advantages in PVE to earn resources more efficiently.

Upon the game's launch, PVP (player versus player) feature will also be available, users can join and challenge other players in this bi-weekly season tournament game mode. Players winning in PVP mode will gain GFG, and in addition top ranking players at the end of the each bi-weekly tournament round will be able to earn INGEM.

The pre-sale of Land blind boxes will also be announced at a later date on Ethereum in the form of ownership certificate(s). The owner of these Land blind boxes will unblind their certificate(s) at a later date in exchange for the actual land NFT. If players like to search for valued land boxes, he/she could also search the Marketplace for Land being sold or auctioned by other players.

Soon following the game's launch, our dedicated Marketplace will go live, offering users a place to auction, purchase and sell Era of Gods NFTs among our community.

As for the users who’d like to invest for long term period, they could stake their INGEM/GFG via the Marketplace's Staking feature, and users could calculate how long they’d like to stake. The more accurate of the estimation, the more cost-effective bonus would be gained.

Hero Fusion is one of EoG's special feature, allowing players to combine the heroes you acquired for better ones. Each fusion requires 2 (two) hero NFTs (one sustaining, one to be consumed forever) and some INGEM as fusion ingredients. Upon a successful fusion, your sustaining hero will increase in quality directly. If else, your sustaining hero will only increase in attributes after fusion.

TBA Land Features Go Live / Release the advanced stage of the land system

The first stage of the land system will open at a later date after the game's first release. Initial features for Land offers the land owner to build castle on the land, purchase landscape elements for visual decoration, and receive battle buffs for your heroes according to the status of your land. Other players can opt to become residents of the land, and residents by providing tributes to the land owner, will be able to receive battle buffs as well in return.

Second stage of the land system will provide owner the ability to construct factory building for residents to work in and becoming workers. Workers, can opt to submit resources obtained from PVE into the factory to earn tokens. Hence the higher the land's grade and the more workers submitting resources into the factor, more tokens can be earned by the owner and workers, giving our Land its value and scarcity.

Expect the third stage of the land system will offer more building type options, with each building type catering to different gameplay styles. We will have more info to share about update features later.

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